Holder Rewards

Holders receive 1% of token swap fees. Rewards are proportional to the amount of $MEF held. Rewards are calculated in 2 hour intervals and are claimable after 24 hours.

Note: 24 hours eligibility period applies to every new MEF holder that owns more than 2500 MEF in order to qualify for FrenBot's revenue share. If you move, or transfer any amount over the first 24 hours then the eligibility period will start over.

0.00000000 ETH

Total Rewards

0.00000000 ETH

Unclaimed Rewards

0.00000000 ETH

Claimable Rewards

• Claiming rewards claims all available unclaimed rewards and requires a minimum of 0.1 ETH value accumulated.

• To check eligibility criteria and minimal claim amount visit Revenue Share Docs.

Holder Rewards History